Fake INEC PVCs Found in a Refuse Dump in Enugu


It seems that the insistence of Nigeria's Electoral Umpire INEC that card readers must be used for the upcoming elections in the country is now 'putting sand in the garri' of some politicians as numerous news sources are reporting a case of fake INEC card readers found in a refuse dump in Enugu.



The PVCs were discovered in a refuse dump near the Enugu East Local Government secretariat in Nkwo Nike in Enugu. They were probably dumped there by someone who have now discovered that it will be useless on Election day.


Residents of the area raised alarm on discovering the cards littering all over the dump site. At first they thought it was the real thing, but on close inspection they discovered that they do not have similar features as the one being distributed by INEC for the 2015 General Elections.