Enugu Govt Dismiss Report on Minimum Wage

Gov. Sullivan Chime

The Enugu state government is not happy with a report in a national daily that the state have not implemented the national minimum wage law, describing it with fire words like "unprofessional", "false", and "mischievous".


Responding to the report the Commissioner of Information Enugu State, Chuks Ugwoke said "It is really surprising that a reporter residing in Enugu would not know or deliberately chose to ignore the fact that the N18,000 minimum wage law has been implemented in Enugu since 2011."


He also added "I think the report was deliberate and unprofessional because even if the reporter was in doubt, all he needed to do was to inquire and he would have discovered that no worker in Enugu takes home less than N18,000 per month as prescribed by the law. He would have found out this had been the position since 2011." 


While it is technically correct that the Enugu state government complies to the minimum wage law, I can understand why someone will say they did not. This is because all Enugu state government did was to increase the wages of cadres of workers whose salaries were previously below 18,000 Naira to above limit, and then added marginal, but insignificant increments to other cadre of staff.


So, while the Enugu govt can claim they have implemented the law and think they shortchanged their staff.