What is EnuguList?

EnuguList is an information portal for the city of Enugu, South-Eastern Nigeria. It provides an online directory for businesses and organisations in Enugu as well as other information about Enugu.

What can I do with EnuguList?

You can do the following on EnuguList:

  • Lookup Businesses and organisations located in Enugu
  • Find contacts of businesses and organisations located in Enugu
  • List or add your business located in Enugu to the directory
  • List businesses and organisations within your locality to EnuguList
  • Find news and information about Enugu
  • Submit news, photos, gists, and information about Enugu
  • Discuss issues about Enugu at the forum
  • We are working continuously to help you do more with EnuguList

How do I Add a business to EnuguList Directory?

You must be a registered member of the online directory before you can add a business on Enugu list. Read the Step-by-step guide for details of adding an entry to EnuguList Directory

How do I register to EnuguList Directory?

Click on Create account on the left sidebar (below the login form) and fill the registration form.

Can I login to the forum with the same username and password that I use to login to the forum and vice-versa?

No, the forum and online directory require separate accounts. So, each require separate registration.

I have registered an account on the online directory, do I still require registration to use the forum?

Yes, you do

I have registered at the Enugu List Forum, do I still require registration to use the online forum?

Yes, you do

How much does it cost to add a business on EnuguList Directory?

You can list a business in EnuguList Directory for free in one category. You will require payment to add an entry to more than one category. However, during our initial promo period, you can list an entry to up to three categories for free.

To how many categories can I add an entry?

Our system allows entry to up to five categories, however during the initial promo period you can only list in three categories.

Can I edit or modify my entry?

Yes EnuguList allows the author of an entry to edit it.

How do I edit or modify my entries?

Login with the login box on the left sidebar. Click on My Listing. Summary views of all the entries you have added to EnuguList will be visible. Click on Edit button on the entry you wish to edit

How do I submit news?

Click Submit News & Gists and fill in the form. You can also submit your news at the EnuguList Forum. Just start a new topic with your news item.

How do I review an entry?

Open the entry in detailed view and use the review box. The review box will not be visible if you are not logged in.

Opened an entry in detailed view but cannot find the review box?

The review box is only visible when you are logged in.

What is summary view?

Summary view is a card view of an entry showing summary of the entry. Information available on the summary view include business name, icon, business overview, contact address of main office

What is detailed view?

Detailed view is the full listing view. It includes the main office contact, logo, business name, detailed description of the business (where available), website (where available), email (where available), review box (if registered and logged in), phone number, your photo gallery, reporting link. You can add more using the description editor

How do I open detailed view of an entry from its summary view?

Click on the title. If it has an icon image, click on the icon.

How do I add interesting photos of Enugu to EnuguList?

Join us on Facebook and upload your photos to our wall. If we find them interesting we will publish them on our page with full recognition given to you as the contributor. The photo you are uploading must be one taken by you not something copied from somewhere. You can also share photos at the EnuguList forum, just attach them to your post at the forum

Clicked on My Listings Link, but cannot find my entries?

Make sure you are logged in.

Cannot find an answer to my question?

We will add more questions to our FAQ page in future. For now you can use our contact page. Ask the question directly at the Contact Page